Conference Filming
Increase the return on your content with video capture

Conference Filming and Production

We’ve been filming conferences and events for over 15 years, enabling events to connect with, inform and entertain wider audiences.  So we understand that not every event nor every audience is the same.


Whether you simply need the conference recorded to show to staff who weren’t able to make it or to keep a record of proceedings, we can provide a clean and precise recording from start to finish.

If you want to further monetise your content, or raise excitement about your next event, we can provide simple edits that you can use on any platform.  We can even host the videos for you.


When filming, we always use multiple cameras to get the best angle, capture audience reaction and create engaging and interesting videos that don’t miss a beat.


Our packages are tailored to the needs of conferences large and small, over multi-days or just half a day.  Whatever happens on stage, we’ll capture it.

Video Capture

Event filmingServices

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  • AGMs
  • Announcements
  • Company Meetings
  • Conventions
We know the amount of effort and expense that goes into finding relevant, engaging and interesting content, not to mention the overall time and expense that goes into organising a good conference.  Why restrict the return on your investment to the few days that you meet in person?


By capturing video of your conference plenaries, presentations, speakers, audience and breakout sessions, you create a wealth of material that can be used in whole or part through the rest of the year.


Whether you live stream to reach a wider audience at the time or not, filming your conference gives you options and opportunities to build on the success of your event.

Video Services

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  • Live Streaming
  • Video Production
  • Highlights
  • Stings
A lot of preparation goes into filming a conference and there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to capturing live events.

Unlike a film shoot, once a live event has started there can be no interruption, no reset, no re-take.

We use a mixture of cameras, including remotely controlled PTZ or ‘robot’ cameras, as well as cameras with an operator behind them to capture the right shots at the right time, without interfering with the event.

All through the process of planning, filming and producing your event video, we apply our expertise to be sure of the highest quality results.

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