Our Services

With a reputation for technical excellence and an ability to deliver on complex and out-of-the-ordinary briefs, we have developed a unique set of services, skills and tools to bring fantastic quality to every event. Choose from end-to-end, turnkey solutions or find the individual service to complement your requirements.


Live Streaming
Live streaming can increase the reach, accessibility and longevity of your event.  Engage a wider, global audience and provide accessibility for those unable to attend in person.

We provide High Definition broadcast quality multi-platform live streaming tailored to your event.


By understanding your business, your event and your audience we can guide you to the best choice of platform and are able to provide streaming on your website, on a custom webpage and on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch and more.

Using the latest technology, we provide your viewers with the best vision of your event, product or brand.


While taking care of all the technical details, we can tailor your live broadcast to your needs whether you want to add corporate branding, stream to a private audience or restrict your video to limited geographical regions.


OFilms have produced live video streaming for automotive product launches, multisite conferences and festivals, cooking demonstrations and many more. We also have experience providing live game streaming for eSports.

The benefits of hybrid have been demonstrated manifestly in recent years.  We’ve been delivering hybrid events for over 15 years and our experience is trusted by corporate brands and government departments.

At its simplest, hybrid can mean a live stream and at it’s most complex, multiple remote presenters joining and participating with on stage talent on multiple stages.


However your event is hybrid, we have the experience and the tools to deliver an engaging and accessible hybrid event for your audience.

Live Video

Outgrown your venue?

If you have a very special venue but it’s not possible to fit everyone in for the event, or you want to provide additional viewing areas, our specialist point-to-point solutions can relay your live event to an overflow venue or remote location.

With a range of technological solutions, we can overcome the challenges presented by any location. Distance, location, topography, barriers, even ancient monuments, we love a good challenge and can provide a bespoke solution to distribute your video.


Want to make an impact?

Magnify the impact of your presentation by projecting to multiple screens in your venue.

We can project live video of your event speaker, live demonstration or supporting presentation or video onto multiple large screens, video walls or video screens.

Using the latest broadcast and video production technology we can augment your presentation with picture-in-picture and on-screen graphics and text.


Do you have individual requirements?

Perhaps you would like to facilitate deaf interpretation by simultaneously broadcasting a sign language interpreter. Whatever your requirements, OFilms have years of experience producing high-quality live video streams, give us a call today to discuss your brief.

Video Production
The content and experience of being at your event in person is irreplaceable, but if you want your message to be broadcast further and be available for longer, you want to whet the appetite for next year’s event, or simply share the beauty and experience with others, then capturing your event on video is for you.

Record your live event and make it available digitally or online with Ofilms’ video production services.


We provide single or multi-camera recordings that can be cut live for a fast and efficient turnaround or post-produced. All in HD broadcast quality.

Our service can provide a low-cost alternative to live streaming if you choose to post your video to social media after the event.

Technical Services

Event Connectivity
High bandwidth, reliable, multi-service connectivity for events and broadcast.

Internet connections, Wi-Fi and video transmission, even from the most inaccessible locations.

Temporary Networks
Whether facilitating audio distribution, CCTV or another service over IP, we’ve been providing reliable Local Area Networks for temporary installations and live events for over 20 years.

Nearly everything is network based, so a reliable and redundant underlying network can be critical to the success of your event.  We’ll plan your network to include redundancy and monitoring so that issues don’t impact your performance and can be fixed before anyone notices there’s a problem.

Technical Challenges
Every once in a while a client presents a request or requirement that is outside of most AV companies’ core service offering or capability.

In these scenarios, Ofilms have garnered a reputation for creative application of niche experience, advanced technology and creative problem-solving to deliver on even the most challenging of specifications.


Event Production
Your production needn’t be a headache. We provide high quality event production services, taking the pressure off by looking after all technical aspects of your event, from initial planning through to resourcing & executing the event, & post production needs.

Our experience ranges from small camera productions to live multi-site events for 10000+ audiences across 15 concurrent venues with live TV production and internet streaming.

As a trusted partner for many events we can provide production services that you can rely on.

Our team can take the load off when it comes to planning productions, designing installations and providing production staff.


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Our Process



We get under the skin of your event to understand what will make it a success.  Then, once we have a clear picture of what needs to be achieved and what success looks like, we move on to the next stage.



Once we’ve understood your event we create a plan.  It might be simple, it might be complex, depending on what’s appropriate but we take nothing for granted.  We’ll include testing and prior preparation in our plans.  We’ll create logistical plans and technical designs.  And we’ll create a communication plan so that you’re kept up-to-date with progress right up until the curtain comes down and the load out is completed.



There’s no substitute for preparation and testing so we build and test in the warehouse before we get to site.  We’ll take into account what could go wrong and make sure that there are strategies in place to avoid or mitigate issues.  In short we’ll do everything we can to make sure that your event is a success.



When we get to site we’ll give our all to make sure that your guests and viewers have the best experience possible and that your goals are met.  This is the culmination of all the planning, preparation and testing.


Get Out & Review

And it doesn’t end with the final bow.  We’ll make sure that the venue is left as we found it and we’ll arrange a review with you after the event.

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